Can Surgery Help Hypertrophic Scars?

Hypertrophic scarring occurs when the body has experienced a wound or injury.
Hypertrophic scars are raised scars. These scars are often itchy and red in
appearance. These scars can look unnatural because they rise off the skin. Both
men and women can experience this type of scar. These scars may or may not be
easy to manage if surgical removal is performed.

Can surgery help hypertrophic scarring? Yes, surgery can help with hypertrophic scars. Surgical
scar removal is intended to revise the skin by removing the damaged skin tissue. However, this
then creates a new wound that can also become a scar once the area has healed. Many individuals
use surgical removal to hide away larger scars and replace it with the smaller scar that develops
after the procedure. Surgical scar removal can be expensive for some men and women and
recovery time is needed afterwards. Many men and women may have discomfort after the
surgery and may need additional medications in order to reduce the pain. For more information

Surgery for scar removal of hypertrophic scars can be inefficient. It causes other symptoms and
also leaves behind a scar. Surgery performed on scars must be done in a hospital during certain
hours, which means an appointment must be scheduled with a surgeon. A website that has more info on this is Also, surgical removal
can be invasive and may make skin very delicate afterwards. Individuals who prefer a less
invasive option should consider using a topical scar product. Topical products for scars include:
serums, gels, silicone sheets and creams.

Many topical products work effectively at reducing the scars appearance. However, it is less
invasive and can be used in your own home. Surgery for scar removal is a more complicated
procedure, compared to applying a cream or serum 1-3 times a day. Also, some serums contain
ingredients that help shield wounds from further damage while helping the scar heal. These
products can be obtained online or from retail stores. Before purchasing a topical, review the
label for product information. Silicone is an effective ingredient that repairs and shields wounds
from irritants. Topical products that retail for under $50 are recommended for use. Go to a review website such as the one listed for information. These products are cost-effective compared to products and treatments that cost for than $50.