Scars from Plastic Surgery

The definition of “plastic surgery” has evolved over the years. The term is less controversial today and more widely accepted than in previous decades. Plastic surgery in today’s vernacular can include everything from “lunch-time” procedures to a full physical transformation. Increasingly popular procedures now have a great range of patient age, patient income, and types of plastic surgery that patients can choose from. Whether it is a 15-minute touch-up or a complete body make-over, scars from plastic surgery are bound to happen. Therefore before your surgery, it is proposed that post-op care includes scar management. The practice of plastic surgery is no longer taboo, nor does it have a stigma associated with the profession.

This is good news for patients, as the options are endless when researching surgeons, technology and equipment, costs, advancements in surgeries, and the latest developing trends! But the due diligence does not stop there. Be sure to look at options for improving your scars after your plastic surgery. Two in particular deserve mentioning: Surgical scar removal. This is performed by a licensed medical professional after the surgery incision is completely healed. Scar removal cannot take place if stitches or open skin is present; or if dressings are still being worn. Please consult your physician or dermatologists who will advise if surgical removal is a recommended option for your scar(s). This is an additional procedure beyond the original plastic surgery. The other technique is scar reduction. It is not the same as scar removal and it can be performed by patient/consumer on their own.

For the latest information click Scars from plastic surgery can really begin at any phase after the procedure. Some scars appear rather quickly, others may not show up until several months after the surgical or cosmetic procedure. The Breast Lift surgery is enormously common. Breast lifts will leave scarring on and around the breast tissue. Some benefits to scar reduction are: diminishing the look of the scar, smoother feeling skin, decreases in the look of skin discoloration, and temporary help for common discomforts associates with scars such as itchiness. Consider some of the scar gels on the market today, for instance:

Choosing one that contains special blends of silicone ingredients is a popular option! Minimizing the look of the scar has been a preferred approach to scar management because it is considerable by many to be affordable, effective, and convenient!